Posts forthcoming. Swear.

I cooked this weekend, I swear I did. Even though for the most part, I didn’t really want to. But I did.

I’ll just tell you that I cooked a curried couscous salad (have not been subsequently impressed) and a pound cake using my great(x3) grandfather’s recipe (adore that cake). One of those you will be getting a recipe for; I’ll let you guess which one.

Also, I’m going to an open-air bluegrass concert tonight with DB and two of our friends on a picnic-style sort of double date. (It’s the reason I baked the pound cake.) The other girl is making chicken salad from Paula Deen’s recipe, and maybe some strawberry salsa… we’ll see how everything turns out. I’ll try to take pictures, but it depends on how much mockery I feel like withstanding tonight.


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