Blueberry tea.

No, this is not my own self-created version of blueberry tea. I’m actually sad to say that, because I would be making some cash if I could make blueberry tea that tasted like this. (I refrain from trying.)

Let me begin by saying that I love tea, and I love it in a very different way than I love coffee. (Ah, java.) While there is something seductive about French Roast, mocha-infused dark roast, a light but powerful breakfast blend, or even the everyday cuppa Chock-Ful-O’-Nuts or Folgers, tea is a quiet draw all of its own power. I was raised in one of those confused states that can’t decide if iced tea should be sweet or unsweet; our family drank it sweet (as in, a supersaturated sugar-tea mix in the saucepan). Hot tea was unheard of, except by my mother, whom everyone already thought was weird already. Because of her, I grew up on chamomile and regular ol’ tea. In high school, I was introduced to loose green tea, which she bought in mild quantities across the board of varieties. My favorite loose green is still ma feng, but she also bought bagged Bigelow green tea, and I still drink it. I discovered matcha all on my own while in college.

This happy little cylinder of fairtrade tea was a Christmas present from my stepmother’s father. I didn’t really touch it until sometime this spring and fell in love. It’s definitely got the blueberry in it, which seems to be the dominant flavor. The black tea base is more of an aftertaste, but not in an unpleasant way.

Obviously the sticker lies, because they still have the blend up on the website. I’m excited to say that, because now that I’ve readdicted myself to this stuff, I just may have to buy more.