Anyone heard of Orange’s Balloon Internet Race? And if you have, how in the world do you set up WordPress to display the balloon?

Sadly, as I suspected, you can only do it with the WordPress platform (or maybe on with the CSS upgrade, I wouldn’t know). Le sad! Thanks, Lise, for help me out!

edit: 20 June 08 09:36 EST


2 thoughts on “Balloonacy?

  1. Lise,
    Yeah, that’s not working. Or at least those instructions aren’t clear about where to place the code. WP erases the code from an HTML widget, and it’s not CSS, so that seems a dead end too. Thoughts?

  2. Hi Kate

    I work for Poke and I came across your blog today. Thanks for wanting to be part of the race. Not long before it all kicks off and needless to say that we’re all very excited.

    To make your WordPress blog part of the racetrack, you must copy and paste your emded code . For that you’ll have to log into your account here:

    Take the little piece of code you see when you’ve logged in and copy it into the “Header” template. This template is found in the “design”/”theme editor” section in your WordPress dashboard.

    Hope this makes sense, if not don’t hesitate to email me back.

    Kind regards


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