This might be stupid.

It has little to nothing to do with food. Except for that the blog has to do with food, and this has to do with the blog, so in a six (three?) degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way, this has to do with food.

I’m new to blogging, specfically food blogging, but also to blogging for an audience. That is, after all, what I’m doing: trying to create a reader base to share my recipes, poor-quality photos and anecdotes with (and to read yours in return). So there are some things that I’m unsure about.

Maybe some of you have noticed my apparent penchant for changing the layout every other week. Or that I can’t decide how I want to format my replies to comments (via email, via another comment with attn to the commenter, or inside the actual comment). There are a few other things that I can’t think of that have to do with WordPress that I just need to figure out, and will do with time. But I’d like to ask you, instead.

  1. What kind of theme would you like to see on here? Is the current one okay? Readable?
  2. How should I respond to comments? Inside the original? With a reply-comment? Via email?
  3. What kind of camera would you recommend for a poor, budding food photographer?
  4. What tips and tutorials would you recommend for someone who wanted to learn the best way to photograph food?

Okay, so those last two have little to do with the blog directly. But I’d still like to know. Please respond! I’d like to know your thoughts.