Grilling Giveaway and No-churn Icecream!

There’s a grilling contest going on over at Coconut and Lime. Winner receives an Ultimate Grilling Spice Pack. Check it out, leave a comment and see if you can be the winner! That’s a pretty good-looking spice collection. Impressive, I say.

Contest: The Ultimate Grilling Spices Gift Pack

In other news, I am a horrible person and should have been blogging by now. But don’t fear! I have excuses.

  1. The Internet is mysteriously non-communicative with my PC. This is not good for my blogging, nor is it good for the online accounting class I’m taking to graduate…
  2. I have been kicked back to half-time at my job, meaning I only have the Internet on Tuesdays, Thursdays and half on Wednesdays. At least until I get the Internet working again.
  3. I haven’t been cooking anything. Bologna and cheese or grilled cheese sammiches for me. I’m still in the process of getting together my apartment so I can live in it. It’s too tiny not to keep it organized.

But! Tonight, I don’t have to get to sleep at a decent hour, because I don’t have to work tomorrow (at least until turn-out tomorrow night). So, when I get done with karate, I’m going by Wal-Mart in search of rock salt, two sizes of Ziploc bags and possible ice-cream flavors. Why, you ask? Because my mother gave me an experimental idea for no-churn icecream. And until I get the Cuisinart icecream maker from her, and that could be a long time coming, no-churn is all I’m going to be making!

Here’s a hint: a Ziploc of icecream inside a Ziploc of ice and rock salt. We’ll see how this turns out, shall we?

Until the next time, friends! (It might be a while!)


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