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Who doesn’t like icecream? (I know several folks, actually.) I like icecream a lot. I don’t love it, or live off of it, like my dad, his wife and my little sister do. They go through a few cartons of Edy’s Double-Churn and Breyer’s Light every week. I don’t eat enough icecream to justify buying it in the grocery – if I do, I’ll only buy a little-bitty one so I don’t waste money. And I buy only certain kinds.

  • Mayfield, preferably in the old-fashioned box and never vanilla.
  • Blue Bunny, because it’s the icecream that Dad and I used to buy and he would throw such a fit over in the middle of the grocery. (It’s a comfort thing.)
  • Breyer’s Vanilla Bean. I love vanilla bean icecream.

It’s summertime – time for making icecream at home, like good hot weather-loving Southern folk ought to. And I’ve made a batch or two of my own, even without the icecream maker I’ve been promised, notably the green tea icecream a few posts down. But there are others I’ve seen, that I want to emulate or fiddle with, and if I don’t write them down, then I’ll forget to make them, and that would be a shame. So, forthwith:

Looking at the list now, that’s a whole lot of icecream and other frozen delights to be made. And tasted. And pondered. And I may not be able to make all of it before the icecream season’s over.

But that’s okay. I’ve got time. :)

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One thought on “Icecream.

  1. Thanks for the mention! Please let me know how it turns out if you modify it with caramel (or any other way). I’ve been contemplating a few recipes with dulce de leche ice cream recipes myself, so I’d love to hear how yours goes.

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