Pitas, bread and… pie?

I managed to spend the entirety of yesterday baking, from wheat bread to pitas. I should’ve known better than to open my mouth about how good I’d gotten with Jayne’s bread, because it definitely didn’t rise as much as it was supposed to. I’m sure that won’t take from the taste, but it’s a little disappointing when my bread doesn’t come out puffy. Still, on a positive note, less puffy bread is more space-efficient.

My pitas were, as I suspected, an experiment. The first four I baked definitely came out flat (though no less tasty). I remembered that I’d forgotten the ‘dash’ of baking powder, so I rolled it into the last four dough balls. Those pitas puffed a little more – about halfway, sort of – but not enough to cut in half and stuff. I’ll be researching for another experiment in puffy pitas in the days to come (this entry at Farmgirl Fare looks promising), but in the meantime, I’ll just eat my soft, non-risen flatbreads in various ways. They’re still tasty, even if they’re not risen. I don’t discriminate – I eat regardless of appropriate shape or size.

Now, as for the pie part of the entry, here it is: I am taking divine advice, straight from the Lord.

I mean it.

The Lord wants me to bake a pie. Who am I to deny that? Besides, it’s not like he wants an ark or a skyscraper or a pony from scratch. Just a pie.

I’ve been getting little nudges all day. First, I was greeted with Joy’s Buttermilk Pie, made thanks to Evan over at buttercakes (go visit!). This looked so much like cheesecake that I swore it was until I read the post. Not cheesecake – buttermilk pie. That somehow got me started on chess pie – and Lisa’s lemon version – which took me to transparent pie. Now, transparent pie is apparently only native to Kentucky (correct me if I’m wrong), which takes me down a whole ‘nother road, but that’s a secret plan of attack for the future. Right now, I’m only worried about the pie.

The transparent pie update will be forthcoming sometime later tonight, when I get back from karate and can justify eating a piece of it because of all the sweating I’ll have been doing for an hour. I hope you’re as excited as I am.