Planning meals, for those of you like me.

And ‘like me’ means that you’re bad at it, mostly because you simply don’t think about it that far in advance. Generally you cook on inspiration or out of sheer need, which can be lovely, but generally just means you want food and you want it soon and leftovers be damned.

Ever heard of Quamut? Yeah, me neither, until B&N sent me a newsletter that I happened to scroll through (it had Breaking Dawn in the title, so I couldn’t help myself). A Quamut is basically a howto guide that comes in three formats: free online, pay-for .pdf or pay-for laminated. This one was a free download for the week and it’s about planning meals. Now, I know that I can’t be the only one that is miserable at planning meals, despite the fact that I’m aware that I should solely for the fact that I often don’t eat until 9:00pm most days because I can’t be arsed to fix anything until I’m so hungry I have to. But this handy little guide is actually pretty useful, I thought. Some of the information is something some of us might know, but especially for new kitchen pioneers, the how-to stuff would be gold. I like the seasonal produce list, and the pantry stock, myself.

Anyone who may be interested, check it out and download it before the week’s over. If you can’t get to it until after the free period’s over, email me and I’ll send you a copy of the .pdf. I don’t think that’s copyright violation… right?

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