Root beer float.

Breyer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream. IBC root beer from a glass shortneck. Drizzling of Smucker’s caramel over the foam. All inside the last remaining glass from my favorite collection – ironically, given to me by a former longterm boyfriend. He can stay gone, but I wish I still had the other three glasses. They are, sadly, no longer in production.

Two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, carefully engulfed in a slow flood of IBC. Tilt the glass when you pour. Watch the foam rise then freeze – literally – at the top, ice cream floating beneath, the foam flecked with black specks of the aforementioned dessert. Take a spoon and scoop a bit of that faintly tan fizz up to your mouth, or better yet, put your mouth to the foam and suck, coming up with it on the tip of your nose. It’s unexpectedly cold, uplifting the essence of root beer, glazed with vanilla bean.

Quite possibly my most favorite photo ever taken. And not necessarily because it’s root beer.


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