A weekend in Augusta, and Round Four OBG Ship!

Last Friday, I went to Augusta for my last remaining grandparent’s 92nd birthday. We had a lovely ol’ time in Augusta, sampling the buffet at the Partridge Inn (the chicken and the key lime pie was good, but the cheesecake left something to be desired) and taking a family ‘tour,’ with my grandfather as guide, through the parts of Augusta that he grew up in and around. It was a good time to be had, with our dysfunctional convoy of midrange SUVs and towncars, hollering and pointing out windows, stealing handmade bricks from the sidewalk and generally having a good time while onlookers asked themselves ‘what in the world are those crazy-ass white people doing?‘ Ah, family.

Now I’m back in the real world, sadly, and dropped myself unwittingly into the midst of what can only be described as Baking Timecrunch Hellweek. Why, you ask? Well…

  1. Thursday, I plan on baking two kinds of cupcakes for my dojo ‘family’ in honor of Halloween: devil’s food with chocolate (whipped cream?) frosting and spiced pumpkin with caramel or dulce de leche frosting, both with appropriate sprinkles/decor. (I may be baking a batch of devil’s food with red and/or white whipped cream frosting for our Halloween tailgate party on Friday afternoon as well – Go Dawgs!)
  2. Thursday also marks the beginning of Operation Baking GALS Ship Week, which lasts until November 10. I’m planning on sending a batch of shortbread, some snickerdoodles, puppy chow (a UGA tradition) and maybe tiny pound cakes from my homemade stores, as well as some purchased stuff that I’m sure our men and women overseas would like. (Oorah, Marines!) Honestly I’ve got so many ideas for baked goods that I’d like to send, but I know there’s no way that I’d ever get them all baked.
  3. Friday is the Halloween Tailgate event at work (mentioned above). Since we’re playing UF this weekend, and that’s basically the biggest game of the season, especially after UF stomped a couple of mudholes in UK last weekend (63-5? Honestly! C’mon, Wildcats – ‘best defense in the nation,’ my ass!), then this will be a big tailgate day for everyone who is an uberhuge Dawg football fan. That does not include me, but hey, a girl’s gotta fit in.
  4. Also, I may be baking for myself and my flatemate, Chels, since the work environment at home is getting increasingly hostile for us (but not the other one). We don’t know why or what’s causing our asses to get chewed so badly, but we are aware that we’re quite stressed out by it. Baking always helps, right? Must be the carbs. Or the sugar. Or both.

So, you see, Baking Timecrunch Hellweek. But it can’t be all bad – at least I’ll have accomplished something by the end of the week. Who needs sleep, anyway?


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