Oikos Greek yogurt… oh, Lordie.

I bought two little tubs of Oikos Greek yogurt a week or so back so I could make my own yogurt at home. I intended to use it as starter, but when I got to Kroger and saw both vanilla and honey (apparently a new product), I decided I’d get both. If nothing else, I’d eat one and use the other for starter. I’d never eaten Greek yogurt (to my knowledge, though there’s no telling what Mom fed me as a child), and I was curious about this stuff that people were suddenly so excited about.

It sat in the fridge for a while. A week, probably. I never got around to making yogurt (maybe this weekend, I hope), but I did take the honey yogurt with me to work one day so I could have a snack before martial arts. I finally ate it this afternoon, since I had a relatively small lunch.

Oh my other side, this stuff is so good!

I’ll admit, I was not initially encouraged. ‘Fat-free’ and ‘plain’ are not yogurt buzz words that ordinarily lift my spirits. The packaging was really cute, of course, and different from most yogurt packs, so marketing bonus for them. But still… the healthy buzz words were my buzz kill.

When I peeled away the foil, it looked like the yogurt had seperated. It did not appetizing in the least – kind of runny, clumpy in places… I dove in anyway, and I was so glad I did. The first spoonful took me by surprise – smooth-textured and a little tangy, with the sweetness of the mild honey in the background. It coated my tongue and my pallete. It was rich and delicious. I ate the whole thing without pause. It was a revelation and I’m so glad I had it.

As with many things labeled ‘organic,’ it can be a little pricey, but there’s a bonus side for it. Stonyfield is partnered with Euphrates Inc. to make Oikos; if you go to the Oikos website, there’s a section for coupons in the header. Click on that, enter your email address and print coupons (good for ten days after printing) for quite a few of their products. Try it – you won’t be disappointed.

10 thoughts on “Oikos Greek yogurt… oh, Lordie.

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  2. I’ll look for it, thanks, Kate. Funny thing, the Oikos was in my local Walmart. Then Poof! gone. Sigh.

    We’re rural, but have our own Walmart. They’re everywere! ha!

  3. It’ll need to be something that I can get online or is in most stores.

    I emailed stonyfield this morning. They said that the organic yogurt contains 6 cultures, Oikos 5 and that the Oikos is higher in protein. Hmmm.

    I haven’t tried the regular organic from stonyfield yet. Maybe that’s next.

    • There’s also Horizon yogurt, which I’ve found in both my local Wal-Marts, so I can assume it’s fairly widespread. (More than Fage or Oikos, which seem to be ‘specialty’ markets only in my experience.) Horizon’s plain and vanilla yogurts have five live cultures and 9-11g protein (depending on milkfat), and the blended yogurts don’t look too bad either. Definitely not the protein level of Oikos, but it’s about the same as Stonyfield and hopefully you can find it in your local store.

  4. I’ve been making yogurt with Oikos as a starter for months. It is absolutely amazing. Friends and family have kept me very busy…
    But… it just disappeared from my local grocery store shelf!!!

    I was wondering if anyone knew a culture that is similar. I’ve been working with some, but they’re just not the same. :(

  5. Have you ever tried Fage?? It’s definitely a favorite in our house.

    I’ve tried it, but I’m not a fan of Fage, both for product and price – mostly price. It’s ridiculously expensive here, and I’m just a poor almost-graduated kid. :D

    Thanks for dropping by! (Keep up the good work with good bourbon!)

  6. toxobread: All those wonderful things you’ve heard are absolutely, positively, without a doubt true. Most people have heard of Fage, but I think Oikos is (relatively) new (someone correct me if I’m wrong). I’ve never tried Fage because of the price tag, but comparing Oikos and Fage, I think Oikos wins, both nutritionally and financially – fewer calories and more protein per 5.3 oz, and only $1.78/ea for the small version in my local Publix without coupons!

    Can you tell I’m a fan? :D

  7. Ooooh I have heard lots of good – okay, *wonderful* – things about Greek yogurt and Oikos sounds like a real find. Hmmm I’ll see if I can spot it at the grocery store this weekend. Thanks for the tip.

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