Snickerdoodles, a cookie I never really knew.

It’s true – snickerdoodles were never really a family favorite on either side. We were always the chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia (Dad) or a sugar cookie (Mom) type. My poppa (Mom’s dad) liked them, but for some reason, we never really made them.

After making these little beauties, I’m not really sure why we never made them. Buttery, abominably simple sugar cookies, rolled in cinnamon and more sugar, then baked to fragrant crinkly vaguely caramelized deliciousness? What the hell were we thinking?! If I don’t make these again for the sheer hip-widening tasty enjoyment of them, I’ll surely make them again just for the way they make the house smell!

I used the recipe from Martha Stewart’s Cookies, which I don’t own, but I snitched it from Kristin at Our Kitchen Sink. Look at those puffy crinkly little packages of goodness! Thank you, Kristin, for posting the recipe so I could use it. They turned out perfectly!

(Rest of the entry under the cut…)

This recipe is a little different than most recipes, I think, because of the omission of cream of tartar. Not being a baking maniac, I don’t know why it really makes the difference – but I’m sure that the additional salt + baking powder takes up for the lack of cream of tartar. I think that’s what that does, anyway.

Snickerdoodle Dough

As with most recipes nowadays, Martha’s recipe calls for a stand mixer with a paddle attachment. I’m almost sure by now that I must be the only person in the free world without a KitchenAid. I can be patient – one day I will have one. When I have counter space, and a house of my own, and a place to put the monster thing so that it can be admired and loved appropriately.

Until then, I do my mixing with my trusty little handheld. And it works out just fine.


A few other nitpicky things I left out include parchment paper for baking, mostly because I’m desperately afraid that it will catch fire in the oven and/or ruin the taste of my baking. Don’t ask me why, because I really don’t have a decently logical explanation. I also did two types of batches – sort of. The first two trays of cookies went straight from mixing to sheet; the rest of the dough I chilled first before rolling. The soft dough was sticky and a little hard to deal with at first, even though I had greased my hands before rolling. I definitely recommend chilling the dough before you deal with it – it’s much easier to roll. If it gets too soft before you’re done with it, just pop it back in the fridge for a baking round and it will be back to chilled when the cookies in the oven are done.


Thankfully this made a lot of relatively small cookies, because the first eighteen that I made I left on the rack to cool, then left to do my barn chores. When I came back, the rack was on the floor and there were no cookies to be found. I’ll swan, I don’t know where on earth my oldest got the idea that he could steal food off the counter or get into the trash, but I’m gonna cure him of it whether he likes it or not! My free lesson, I guess.

Seriously, I think my favorite part of making these was the smell of fragrant cinnamon wafting through the house. I used some of the fair-trade cinnamon that Mom gave me a while back from her share (in babyfood jars and little bottles) and as always, it came through in loads. As a fair test to those who will receive them, I tested my cookies – the lone survivor of the Dog-Cookie Massacre of 2008. The edges were chewy but not crisp-hard, the insides fluffy and airy but still substantial. All in all, a rousing success! Hurrah!

These cookies were sent to the 26 MEU, Unit 73890 as part of Operation Baking GALS Round 4.


1 thought on “Snickerdoodles, a cookie I never really knew.

  1. Yum! I won’t use parchment paper either. I used it ONE time and it smelled awful. I don’t know how many people use it so often. I digress.

    Anyway, I was married for 3 years before I got my KitchenAid. I love it, but I’m always doing something stupid… like making pizza doughs and bread or something. Given your guns though… you probably don’t need the assistance of the Aid. You’re one strong cookie!

    Poor baby… I hope he smelled yummy after snacking on 18 cinnamony cookies! I hope it was worth the effort!


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