An abundance of apples.

Or: ‘What to Do With All Those Skinned Granny Smiths From Packing Your OBG Box(es)’

Honestly, it’s worse than egg whites left over from a mass making of crème brûlée, which my only options are meringues (calf slobbers!) or macarons (do not want). I have 3-4 skinned, sizable Granny Smiths sitting naked and cold in my fridge. What do I do with them?

My first answer (to myself) would be pie. Not because I like pie, or cobbler, really, but because that’s the first thing I think of when I think of tart apples. Grammy used to make a mean cobbler… but I only ate one or two bites, mostly out of politeness at holidays, because I’m not a pie/cobbler fan.

What about apple cinnamon muffins? Ooh… the simplicity of muffins. The ease of making them… and eating them. I could add some nutmeg, some turbinado, some ground flax for peace of mind, or use oats and bran flour if I felt like being especially health-conscious. I need a break from my regularly scheduled oatmeal for breakfast.

Oatmeal, wait a minute… what if I diced up those pretty Grannies and made dried apple cubes? Or slices? I could make my own apple chips! I always liked it when Mom did apple chips at home, and fruit leather… I could borrow 354’s dehydrator (it’s been used all of twice since he bought it in August) and do it.

Wait… that picture up there is Ree’s, from PW Cooks! Do you know what post it’s from, specifically? It makes all folks mouths water… Apple Dumplings.

Look at that and tell me that it wouldn’t be worth the weight gain to eat some of that in the cold, curled up on the couch in your pjs!

What would you recommend doing with skinned apples?

Pictures borrowed from Ree Drummond at The Pioneer Woman Cooks, solely for drool-inducing purposes.


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