Looking for the silver lining.

Today has been an exceptionally shitty day from the start. From an hour-late start from a co-worker at the barn waaaaay before sunrise to a cracked wrist and unscrewed water hoses to the dog eating my half-slice of pound cake (at least he didn’t knock over the seedlings on the island), it was not a good start to the day. I baked muffins before I left the house; I thought maybe it was just a bad morning. Everyone has bad mornings, right? (Don’t lie, I know you have them, too.)

Then I got to work. Papers were piled all over my desk. I checked my bank account, hoping for a payday pick-me-up. Unfortunately, thanks to a large amount of overdraft (which I was expecting) and the monthly auto-payment for martial arts (which I wasn’t), I’m now down to a whopping $6.00 balance in my checking account for the next two weeks. $6.00 to eat on and buy diesel with and pay off some of the massive debt I’ve sucked myself into. You can see how thrilled I am, I’m sure. My first thought was, ‘How the hell am I going to buy groceries on six bucks?!’

Image from BHG.com, © Copyright 2009, Meredith Corporation

Image from BHG.com, © Copyright 2009, Meredith Corporation

Thankfully, food was there to save my very limited grace. And not necessarily in a consumption-type way, although my favorite sandwich helped to raise my spirits a little, if only temporarily. No, it was Tastespotting, Food Gawker and a hearty number of my favorite blogs that made life a little more bearable for a bit.

The more I looked through recipes and thought about things, it’s really not so bad. I mentally thumbed through my basic grocery list. Bread for sandwiches or snacking? I can bake bread (I have a new recipe for loaf bread in mind). Lunchmeat? Who needs turkey – I have a freezer full of meat that needs using and a creative mind to boot. Snacks? There’s always Bittman’s Parm crackers (and who’s to say I couldn’t make herb crackers from puff pastry?), or homemade hummus (I still have a quart jar of reconstituted chickpeas to use) and pretzels (or crackers!) Dessert? Don’t even try! There’s a niggling desire to try lava cakes, just to say I made ganache into little balls, so at least I’d have a successful recipe to get fat off of (and maybe an entry February First Thursday, if Michelle would take it despite my slackerdom); and I still have two logs of lemon meltaways that need to be baked and sugared and consumed by other people.

So there is a silver lining, I guess. My checking account is back in the red, if only by a slim margin. And martial arts is paid for the month (my biggest bill, for now). 354 is unharmed, thankfully (another story for another day). I’ve managed not to bite my nails for almost a whole week, and I don’t need to go to the salon. I still have a video application to make for the best job in the world, so expect to be seeing my blogging from Australia come June. And my wrist isn’t broken, just… painful. I have a paying job, and a house with no mortgage, and a dog and a fiancee that love me, and a sizable tax refund that should be hitting my bank account right about the end of the month. Martial arts is tomorrow, and I’ll get to walk in with a left forearm half-covered in blue VetWrap and beat the tar out of somebody else in the name of friendship and training, and maybe get a discount on some used sparring gear. I woke up this morning – that’s something, right?

Given all that…

The day isn’t over yet. Maybe I should make ganache first thing when I get home…


2 thoughts on “Looking for the silver lining.

  1. Dear Lord! How on earth did I miss this? I haven’t seen an update since last week. I’m sooooo sorry! If there is ANYTHING I can do, please let me know. I too, know all about bad mornings, bad days, bad weeks, bad months… bad years. Wrist any better? And what on earth happened to 354?

    It’s all good sweetie. Things will be brighter soon!


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