Honest Scrap Award!


Cat awarded me the Honest Scrap award today – definitely one of my favorite awards around the blogosphere, despite this being the first time I’ve seen it. Thank you, hon!

The Rules:

a. List 10 things about yourself – and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! and…
b. Pass along the award to 7 bloggers who you think embody the spirit of The Honest Scrap.

  1. My childhood dream has never changed: I have always, always wanted to go out West and be a cowboy – a real hand, not some dude – complete with heirloom saddle, old truck and good dog.
  2. I learned Spanish before English as a baby, and also how to ride before I could walk.
  3. I have never had real fingernails (read: because I gnaw them) until now; as of now, I’ve had nails for a little over a week and that’s amazing.
  4. I adore any form of martial arts, but especially kami bushi kai because of my dojo. I love my dojo family and all my friends there, including my sensei, Shihan McElwee. I actually planned to take three years for myself and get my black belt here, but things may not turn out that way… we’ll see.
  5. I have learned more about myself, my relationship with God and how I deal with the outside world in the past two years than I had all through high school and most of college, including how to connect all facets of myself and my beliefs.
  6. Some days I really would like to be a housewife, but I know deep down that would slowly drive me insane, so I’ll be content with extension agent/cowboy. Or birddog trainer. Or horse trainer. Or private chef. Or police officer (which is a banned career choice). Something like that. I also think I would be a good milwife, but that’s not gonna happen.
  7. I love to write, not just about food (which is fun), but anything in general, usually sci-fi/fantasy or fanfiction. I have at least nine multi-chapter unfinished stories floating around on GDocs or my harddrive (or FF.N/FP.N) that I periodically get into writing fits with (and then fall back out of). However, I’m rabid about not letting people that know me well read my stuff off the cuff. Don’t ask why, I can’t explain – I just can’t stand it. (Remnants of high school, I guess – paranoia.) BONUS: I’m a closet Avatar fan. Please don’t hate me.
  8. 354 is my best friend and although I could survive without him, I don’t really want to. He’s brought so much into my life and I’m counting on him to bring more light after we get married. We understand that marriage is something to be worked for, along with many other things. Besides, life wouldn’t be as fun without someone to constantly aggravate (right, dear?).
  9. I have one tattoo on my left ribs, about three inches from my underarm. It’s a triquetra design that I had wanted since high school; I got it right after a friend died in a freak riding accident, but not “for” her (I believe it’s against the Word to get a tattoo in remembrance of the dead). I want more, including a tribal horse head like the one on the current Kentucky plate (WARNING: opens large JPG) and matching wedding bands for me and 354.
  10. You could probably call me accidentally self-destructive; I can hurt myself a lot in very little time without trying, and not in the course of events where one would normally be injured. For example, I managed to sprain my left wrist and torque my knee this weekend, but I’m not sure how. I handle big injuries better than little ones (i.e. my near-fatal concussion in ’05 or the 2″ long, 1/2″ deep gash on my thumb from last summer vs. recent wrist sprain or a mashed finger).

As for the new crop of award-receiving bloggers:

  1. Julie of Peanut Butter and Julie
  2. Sandy of Eat Real
  3. Maria of Two Peas and Their Pod
  4. Sally of Aprovechar
  5. Todd & Diane of White On Rice Couple
  6. Ryan of This Is Reverb (PW’s Pastor Ryan)
  7. Ceres of Ceres Secrets

I’m not going to individually call these folks out as to why I’m giving them this award – if you check out their blogs for any reason, you’ll see what I mean. Just know that all these blogs are some that I have favorited. I look forward to new posts whenever they pop up.

Thanks to Cat for the award and I hope everyone else likes theirs as well!


2 thoughts on “Honest Scrap Award!

  1. I swear I could have written #10 myself. It’s the annoying aches and pains that cause me so much grief… but Lord knows I’m more than capable of creating havoc wherever I go and NO idea how.


    OH- and you’d TOTALLY make an excellent milwife.

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