I’m sorry for my fail.


It’s been so long since I posted about anything that I don’t even want to look at the date of my last entry into the world of blogging. I’m sorry. Epic fail on my part. I’ll explain by saying that for the most part, my absence has been due to life-craziness, my annual undiagnosed case of SAD and a lack of desire to cook anything spectacular. The other excuse is that I am sans camera lately, which kind of hurts any picture-taking ventures. However, to bring you up to speed:

  • I made the Guaranteed Fudge Brownies from Baker’s Banter for a girls’ night, and consequently decided that PJ is my baking goddess. OH ME OH MY – you need to make these babies TONIGHT. Fudgy and soft and perfect with cold milk – and still good a couple of nights later. I’m going to make them again this weekend, and will try for photos.
  • I finally made my own salsa from canned tomatoes, a half an onion, garlic and a seeded jalapeño. It was met with grand approval from 354 and myself. I will probably make more this weekend.
  • Also, I still have Romas to oven-dry and make into faux sundried, though I may or may not pack them in oil (botulism, you know). In any case, I am on a quest to get over my childhood dislike of tomatoes – this is the next step.
  • I have a lot of ideas for cooking, but most of them are spoiled for me by the time I get home. aka I get home, sit on the bed and watch NCIS or Burn Notice, pet the dog and hope nobody comes beating on my door. If I even get hungry, I’ll eat cereal (Raisin Bran Extra! is my new favorite) or a quesadilla.
  • I keep meaning to make weekly meal plans, so I can grocery shop appropriately and never question what I’ll be eating at any given time… but I’ve failed at that, too. More resolve needed for this one.
  • 354 makes good pancakes, a discovery made on National Pancake Day when I all but sulled up like a kid in the floor of a Wal-Mart candy aisle and proclaimed that I wanted PANCAKES and ONLY PANCAKES with REAL MAPLE SYRUP. So that’s what I got. I’m so spoiled. :)

So… that’s basically it. Now that the sun’s back in residence for a little bit and the weekend should be pretty, there should be a couple of posts involving the Guaranteed Fudge Brownies, homemade salsa and whatever 354 and I decide we’re gonna eat. I plan on staying home for the most part this weekend, cleaning up and cooking and just spending time with him, anyway. (Did I tell you he finally admitted to being a closet foodie? Oh happy day!) More often than not lately, we spend a lot of mealtimes at the in-laws, which is fine – I like my in-laws! – but I’d just like to stay at home, cook with him, clean water tubs with him (how romantic), play with the boys and just spend time with my baby in T-shirts and our underwear. So we’ll see what I can come up with before next Monday, eh? See y’all then!


4 thoughts on “I’m sorry for my fail.

  1. I would have something, except we got snowed in away from the farm and lost power until about 0200 this morning. The barn still doesn’t have power as we speak. Also, we had to put down the big dog last night, so I’m still not too happy about that.Maybe sometime soon.


  2. I might just have to try those brownies even though I claim to have the perfect brownie recipe. Those look mighty tasty.

    Ditch the t-shirts and underwear. Boxing gloves are so much more fun!


    • I’m serious – if you make those brownies, you will not be displeased. However, I can also see how you could be a Joy brownie devotee. That is my own cooking Bible, and I will have one of my own one of these days. 354 is already looking forward to brownies and salsa (not together!), so there will be photos somewhere on here soon, and then you can see why I love them.

      Boxing gloves, eh? It might cut down on the bruises we give each other. Earlier this week, we got into a jiujitsu match on gravel. I have a big bruise on my knee from it.


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