This time, I have an excuse.

This weekend was going to be a weekend for 354 and I. Just us – with the exception of working at the barn – and Friday and Saturday were pretty good. Yesterday was not. Yesterday, this is everything that happened, in chronolog:

  • 354 and I were involved a single vehicle wreck after church (no injuries, unless you count the truck, which has a fairly banged up passenger side).
  • We all got snowed in at his grandmother’s house & lost power in both our places, which made me worry about the pup and my good dog locked in the bathroom at the barn.
  • We had to put Duke down (and I spent most of the night crying on and off about that).
  • We didn’t get power back until 0400 this morning, and stayed awake for most of the night to make sure that his grandmother (who is on oxygen) made it through the night without any problems.

We finally got power back this morning, like I said, but I didn’t exactly have a chance to get anything cooked or photo’d, understandably. Maybe sometime this week.

We’ll see.


One thought on “This time, I have an excuse.

  1. Well despite the few downs this weekend I think there were more ups. I had a great time with you this weekend dear, I hated to put Duke down but at least he had a loving family for a little while and not a abusive bastard like before we got him. Love you dear 354

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