The perfect hard-boiled egg.

Everyone in the world has a post about the elusive ‘perfect’ hard-boiled egg, seems like. I’m not here to add to the camp – I’m just here to say that yes, it’s possible to cook the perfect hard-boiled egg without fancy cookers or special additives. I made mine with just a pot of water and, well, eggs.

Some folks don’t understand the love of hard-boiled eggs. I guess it’s like my (childish) dislike of fried eggs with runny yolks or soft-boiled eggs (yuck). I can’t fathom liking anything soft and runny. Something about the taste and the mouthfeel together just… ew. Shivers down my spine! But a hard-boiled egg is shiny, packaged comfort food for me. Don’t overdo it – just salt and egg, together. If you’re like me, you’ll understand my (also childish) means of eating said egg: salt carefully, usually by salting the palm or plate and rolling the white through salt, then try to eat the white away from the yolk without disturbing it. Salt the yolk in a similar fashion and consume. Get another. Love it.

And the versatility of such creations? Hard-boiled eggs, plain and/or with salt. Chopped and made into a plain egg salad, with fresh mayo (Duke’s would also suffice in a pinch), salt, pepper and maybe some paprika (no relish, please!) for sandwiches or as a cracker spread – yum, yum. Or deviled eggs, which I could shamefully admit to eating by the dozen (of halves, not full eggs) at our department parties and family holiday meals, if I could manage to sneak so many away to a secluded corner where I could snarf them in peace. Lucky that I’m too lazy to make deviled eggs, I suppose!

Mom used to make hard-boiled eggs as a snack for me as a kid. In high school, they were one of my staple foods alongside pasta, instant mashed potatoes and ranch dressing (don’t judge – we were poor). Now they’re a rediscovered favorite, and thanks to Greg Henrt at Sippity Sup, I have my go-to guide. Basically, the only things you need for the perfect hard-boiled egg every time is close attention and consistency (and a pot of water deep enough to totally submerge your eggs).

While I don’t understand the dislike of hard-boiled eggs (I’m looking at you, dear almost-husband), I’ve come to terms with it. The fact that I can have them all to myself definitely helps.


5 thoughts on “The perfect hard-boiled egg.

    • Cat: I’ll eat ’em scrambled and hard-boiled, but I have yet to like a fried, poached, soft-boiled or otherwise non-cooked egg. I really want to try salad Nicoise, but the egg… the egg always sketches me out.

      354: You’ve kissed me without brushing after eating them. Hush. ♥

      Jude: I totally agree. Just a little bit of salt… but it has to be on white and yolk, not just one. (of course, I eat both separately.)

      greg: Glad to mention you! Your site is awesome!

  1. I’m so glad to can have them nasty things to yourself just please brush before you kiss me.
    Love your dear almost husband!

  2. Haha. I had NO idea we had a similar dislike of eggs! I’m “that” person when we go out to breakfast who orders hard-boiled eggs instead of those (bleh) sunny side up nasties. Don’t try to persuade the man into liking eggies… keep ’em all to yourself.

    ~Delta Whiskey

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