Blogging is hard, man.

I mean it. HARD. Of course, all the dedicated bloggers know that already. But as a beginner blogger, they don’t tell you that when you start. You just start one up, get a few readers, type a few posts and think ‘Hey, this is easy!’ And it is, as long as you’re not worried about a reader following, or any real subject matter – as long as you’re writing for yourself. It’s like writing a novel that isn’t intended for anyone else to read. It can be misspelled, grammatically incorrect, pointless and inaccurate as to the rule of the world (from gravity to the average speed of human reflexes) because your target audience is none other than yourself.

But that’s not the point of a good blog. A good blog isn’t written for the writer, but for the readers. And some folks start up a blog, continue it for a little while, then quit a few months later. Why? Usually it isn’t because of negative comments, or a lack of readership (sometimes it is), but because the writer is just not committed. My last real post was over a month ago. I’m sorry. I’ve meant to write up something interesting, something worth reading, but I just haven’t been able to manage. Thanks to a life crisis of mild depression from an increasingly poor living situation; then a week and a half of moving; and then a bout with a scary medical emergency that turned out to be a brain tumor (NOT me, just family) the rest of May and this first week of June have been crazy with adjustments and readjustments to living, eating, cooking, sleeping and living in general. Now that everything’s getting back in some semblance of order (more time for martial arts vs. no Internet at home), I can try to get back on track. I have a full kitchen now, and sick family to cook for – one that not only enjoys, but actually requests new, healthy food! There’s no reason why I can’t (in theory) write up a post at night and blog at work during my lunch hour, or early in the morning, or late in the day! …right?

Trouble is, by the time I get home, it’s hard to do anything besides clean, eat a short meal, feed the dogs and go to bed. I’m exhausted. (Cleaning up after a 70-year-old can be worse than with a 2-year-old…) I have so much to do on the weekends – plant new garden beds, mow the lawn, train the dogs, clean the bathroom and our bedroom, wash laundry, put away laundry – phew, is this what it’s like, being a stay at home mom? I have the utmost respect for you. I’m not being the least sarcastic. Plus, I’m job-searching like mad because my current position is up come the end of the month (all of a sudden, and no I’m not kidding about that part) and trying to find even a part-time position in this economy requires an act of Congress signed by God and the Holy Spirit. Plus, other things I dare not speak of for fear that audible speech may ruin the chances of realization are in the works, things that I must pray hard for.

But enough of excuses. No more random updates. No more filler posts of “I suck, sorry.” After this one, I mean. I’m going to put myself on a schedule – once a week blog posts, every Friday, with the occasional bonus just-can’t-wait-for-Friday Monday post. Surely I can come up with something remotely interesting, vaguely delicious, every seven days, can’t I? If others do it more than once a week, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to hold up one post a week barring an earthquake, the Internet hitting the end of its limits and the coming of the Messiah. Starting next week with Hershey’s chocolate cake and Swiss meringue buttercream… yum.

I hope you can forgive me.


2 thoughts on “Blogging is hard, man.

  1. So I know you got a lot on you dear, I’ll try to do more around the house as my schedule premitts. I know how much your blog means to you and your numerous followers, I enjoy the post myself. So please don’t get discouraged, and keep in my *** about what you need done around the house so yo can post. And BTW I’ll be glad to take photos for you and help with the blog as much as you’ll let me. 143- 354

  2. I’m glad this post ended with you keeping at it. I wonder how many of the short-lived blogs you speak of come as a result of a situation not unlike your own. Life gets hectic, things happen, and you’re suddenly weeks without posting. At that point it’s easy to say, “Well I tried and failed so time to move on.”

    I’m glad you’ve come back with a renewed passion and goals. Please do keep it up and I hope all the non-blog madness works out!

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