Red Pepper Fougasse (ABi5!)

To be honest, I would have never made this if it wasn’t for my future mother-in-law’s request. She was perusing the Internet and lo and behold, came upon the Artisan Bread in Five site when the Red Pepper Fougasse was the top post on the frontpage. She fell in love, apparently, and when she showed the office, she said, “I bet Kate can make that. She makes stuff like that all the time!”

So I did, thanks to the wonderful ABi5 folks, Zoë and Jeff, who are kind enough to post their recipes online. I followed the recipe almost exactly, and it turned out beautifully. The only difference I made was in the Master Dough – on a whim, I made a wheat dough (half wheat and half regular all-purpose).

The recipe is posted here, of course, and I highly suggest you try it out, especially if you like savory filled breads. Not only my future mother-in-law, but everyone in the family enjoyed this bread, and these can be some picky people! Red pepper fougasse is not usually served next to green beans and pot roast here! What more of a recommendation could you want?


One thought on “Red Pepper Fougasse (ABi5!)

  1. I know moma really loves your cooking the traditional, and exotic both. She told me last date that she was proud of you and was really excited to have such a great DIL. Thanks bug for all and everything you do!!!
    143 – 354

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