Happy Friday Wakeup… Email!

The first thing I do every morning, usually, is check my email, Facebook and HootSuite, usually in that order. I didn’t even have time to check Facebook and HootSuite – my email had a notification in it that I had won a giveaway! Thanks to Jaime at Sophistimom and the awesome folks at Bertolli, I won a Heart of Italy gift package that includes a Cuisinart ice cream maker, a Bialetti espresso machine and coupons for Bertolli frozen meals! How awesome! All these things are going to be extremely useful in my house from the time they come out of the box. I’ve been experimenting with an old Krups machine that my mother gifted me, but it has some issues (although it does possess a frother), and now that summer’s coming up fast, two ice cream makers in the house will be great. Two flavors churning at once! I’m going to have to buy more plastic containers. And ironically enough, my husband and I bought a Bertolli frozen meal last week and loved it! Now we get more chances to try them out (and I don’t have to cook)! Thank you again to Jaime and Bertolli!

In other news, I’m editing the site (again). You might have noticed the new header and therefore, “new” title. I’ve thought for a while that the original was a little long, and I found myself abbreviating it. I figured I’d just drop the extras and whittle it down to bare bones. Now this is boonie foodie – same ol’ blog, just a slightly different name. I’m also going to try my best to go back in the archives and re-write some of the recipes. Inspired by this article on Food Blog Forum, I went back and looked at all my old recipes. Nothing follows a set format, and as a dutiful child of hobby journalism and proper English format, that bothers me. So, over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be reformatting a few recipes. And last but not least, I’ll be adding a gardening section to the blog as well, under a different page tab, obviously. I don’t have any blank journals to record my gardening attempts in, but I’ve got a perfectly good section of Internet, so why not? I figure it will be there when I need it, encourage anyone who hasn’t started gardening (but wants to) to take off and go, and it will offer a minor record of successes and screwups, so anyone who actually knows what they’re doing can help me out. :) That section will be much less… regimented than this one, if you could call the food side of the blog “regimented.” What I’m trying to say is that the gardening section will be posted as I get to it, while I try to post on something of a schedule as far as the food side goes. (Although I’m failing miserably at that lately. I need a camera of my own. One day.)

A new post should be up this weekend: roasted pork loin and corn fritters. For a throw-together supper, I was pretty impressed with us. See you in a couple of days!


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