Friends of Ivory Hut: Attention, Please.

Many of you in the food blogging world already know about this, but then again, many of you don’t. If you have never popped over to Ivory Hut and read Erika’s wonderful goings-on, or seen her glorious photos, then you are probably in the latter category. Two days ago, on September 1st, Erika Pineda (a.k.a. Ivory Hut) lost everything, literally, but the clothes on her back and the family in her home. ID, her husband’s prosthetic leg, her wedding ring set, their house… everything. Everything, thankfully, was insured, and no one was physically harmed, but the damage is still done.

Maggy and Alice (Three Many Cooks and Savory Sweet Life creators, respectively) have created a site called Friends of Ivory Hut. Its purpose is to update those of us praying and hoping for the recovery of Erika and her family and, more importantly, as a portal for the PayPal donation fund they have set up. Their goal is to raise $10,000 by next week, at which point they will shut down the PayPal and put their energy toward new fundraisers. Please, even if you can only donate $5, every little bit counts. While insurance will replace the material losses, it won’t replace keepsakes and family heirlooms – and it won’t replace the income lost while Erika and her family are waiting to receive their insured replacements. Erika is a freelance photographer. Every bit of her equipment, from camera to lenses to brand-new MacBook, was burned beyond recognition in the fire.

Please help, however you can. Send your prayers, your love, and if you can, a little donation. It can be easy to forget that behind the website are people with outside lives and families – this is the time to remember.


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