Here we go: Meal Plan Monday

I know. You thought I was dead. But I’m not, just absent. The new place still doesn’t have Internet (and probably won’t for a while), so I’m limited to Internet at work. And it’s taken a month for the home life to calm down enough that I can start typing up posts to publish. Before too long, maybe I’ll be able to write enough I can actually (gasp!) make a buffer.

Woah, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? Meal Plan Monday, first of all. Other posts, forthcoming.

The ever-popular Meal Plan Monday started over at I’m an Organizing Junkie, thanks to Laura. I’ve been trying out MPM without posting it for the past couple of weeks, just so that we can cut back on the grocery bill. I’m coming to like it, even if planning for a whole week’s meals is a little hard to do. Especially when plans don’t work out like you planned at all. But hey, at least I had a plan, right? This week, especially, is difficult – the weather is doing this weird winter-at-night, summer-during-the-day temperature range. What I call “pneumonia weather.” It makes it really hard to plan for fall food when it’s supposed to be 70°F during the day and 40°F after the sun goes down. Nonetheless, we persevere!

(Meatless) Monday: Fettucine marinara with garbanzos, Brussel sprouts

Tuesday: Sunday Leftovers Redux – Pork hash sandwiches, homemade baked macaroni & cheese & broccoli; sugar-free banana pudding

Wednesday: Roast Chicken & Vegetables, Rolls; White Crème Brûlée

Thursday: Grilled garlic pork chops, carrots & young sweet peas

Friday: Date Night Out! :)

Saturday: Ribollita & Crusty Italian Bread

Sunday: DIY


1 thought on “Here we go: Meal Plan Monday

  1. That Robollita sounds delish to me right about now! Maybe I’ll give that a whirl sometime.

    Great site you have here. I hope you’ll stop by and visit me sometime soon.

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