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I’ve been blogging for some years now, but never about food. My awareness about food has only recently been reawakened thanks to a desire to cook – to avidly cook – in a kitchen with a real stove. (Post-escape from the dorm, where anything remotely resembling a hotplate, stove burner or toaster oven – anything with a heating element was banned.) Even so, my creativity wasn’t stimulated until I was introduced to Tastespotting (and now, Food Gawker), which inspired and cultivated what has now established within me as “foodism.”

I love the look of well-prepared food. I love to make food, to try new recipes, to try new things. I was raised on down-home country food that stuck to your ribs – sausage, biscuits, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, breaded cutlets, green beans with fatback… to this day, the though of a Sunday dinner at my grammy’s still makes me wistful. Now that I’ve grown, I’ve been introduced to foods that I’d never thought I’d try, or never known existed. Pho, Malay curry and Indian curry, satay, sushi, hummus, pad thai and pad see ew, jerk, spring rolls, grilled pineapple… even creme brulee and pain perdu. To some of you, those might be gimmes, something you’re used to seeing, but not where I’m from, no sir.

So, this blog is about transformation from uneducated to experimental; about brave new ventures; about successes and failures alike. This is about forays into the culinary world, possibly into reaches which I had never expected. This is about adventures.

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