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I’m 26, happily married to my best friend, blessed to be living the dream. I have three dogs – a Golden Retriever/English setter mix, Mac, the fetch dog; a Blue Heeler/Border Collie, Gunny, the catch dog; and the full-blooded German Shepherd Dog, Tucker, the guard dog. All of our dogs, by the way, are rescues and I encourage everyone, when looking for a pet, to search your local rescues and shelters before buying a pet shop puppy!  When I’m not working my dogs, cooking or doing laundry, I’m really getting spoiled on sleeping in – it’s ruining me.

I love cooking. I grew up cooking in a two-story white farmhouse in the very northern part of Central Kentucky, learning to make pasta from a handcrank machine and mashed potatoes from a stockpot and a handmasher. I love cooking for other people more than I like cooking for just myself – batch cooking is something I’m slowly getting used to out of necessity. I also love cooking with natural (not ‘organic’, thank you) foods and making my own ‘processed’ foods like loaf bread and home-canned things (a new hobby, I promise). I feel like there’s too much convenience anymore; I’d rather make my own. When I was a kid, we grew our own herbs and veggies in a raised-bed garden; got our own milk and eggs from the goats, cows and chickens from the barn; and raised our own meat. I think the world would be a better place if people would spread out and sort of go back to the way things were, as long as they stay off my lawn. :) (Props if you name the movie.)

You put this many dogs in a kennel and they’d start snappin’ and bitin’. Put this many horses in a corral and they’d start nippin’ and kickin’. Little wonder you have all this hatred in the world among people . . . they’re too crowded to stay nice. Their fightin’ and killin’ is just a natural outcome. All nature does it. You can’t live crowded up. Impossible. It makes everything unnatural.

– Delmar Smith

I take pictures of my progress through cooking, but I never said I was any good. I like to think I’m getting better, but that could be supported or denied depending on who’s looking. I look at tutorials and try to incorporate what they’re telling me, and it does help. Right now I’m without camera, relying on my iPhone.


  • Operation Baking GALS (Give A Little Support). (Blog found here.) Created by Susan from She’s Becoming DoughMessTic, this rapidly growing group of bloggers and non-bloggers alike bake up some tasty homecooked love for our men and women in uniform overseas and send it their way. Each group (hosted by a different blogger) sends their support to a soldier for his or her unit. It’s something I’m rather passionate about – my father was in the USAF and his brother in the Army (1st Cav) in Vietnam, my mother’s father was an LT in WWII Italy, my father-in-law (to be) was in the Navy and so was his daddy. I also have many friends in local LE that are also part of the 178th MP detachment and recently received their shipping orders. Support your troops – they support you!
  • PETS2VETS is an awesome nonprofit founded by Dave Sharpe, a good ol’ Georgia boy who served his country and needed a little help readjusting, for returning wounded veterans, law enforcement and emergency services personnel. PETS2VETS matches shelter dogs with veterans – both of whom are in need of love, comfort and a good home. PETS2VETS is based out of Arlington, VA and works with folks as they can. Spread the word and show your support!

Law Enforcement:

  • Wives Behind the Badge is a national nonprofit formed to support law enforcement and their families in the forms of resources, emotional support and essential benefits. As a police wife, I can’t help but love this organization.

I am strongly opinionated and could be considered a little vulgar (who, lil’ ol’ me?). But I’m friendly if you’re friendly – and I do like to make friends! Thank you for visiting; please come back!

4 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Hi there!

    I’m originally from Cynthiana, lived in Atlanta for quite a while ( until two moths ago) , and am now temporarily stuck in Norfolk, Virginia for another 10 months.

    Tonight one of my best friends sent me a text message telling me she just ate Krispy Kreme bread pudding, which got me hungering for bread pudding in general. I Googled KK bread pudding, just to see how it was made, and saw a comment on a blog about it in which you talked about getting doughnuts at Kens Newmarket.

    Hmm…well, this HAS to be someone from either Paris or Cynthiana, and so I went to your blog.

    What a great blog you have, I’ve bookmarked it and will return. I am now starving to death, and must have transparent pie soon or I shall surely die. You don’t know how wonderful it is for this homesick gal to read about someone else knowing what on earth transparent pie is! Also Bourbon Balls, Hot Browns, Jam Cake, etc. etc. etc. Thank you.

    Now that I’m in Norfolk, I get homesick for foods from Central Kentucky, but also from Georgia. Nobody up here knows what a boiled peanut is. The lack of peaches is sad. Collard greens are hard to find. And the BBQ is weird.

    I’m going to kick back with a precious Ale-8 from my supply ( replenished during August’s trip Home) and make sure I have eggs on my grocery list . Tomorrow I am making a transparent pie. Next year we move to New Orleans, where I will add a whole new chapter to my cooking repertoire, but NOTHING is as good as the foods from home.


    Merry Lake.

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