First Thursday Smackdown: October!

Over at thursday night smackdown, Michelle does a roundup challenge every First Thursday – of the month, that is. This month’s challenge is orange, “however you choose to interpret that command.”

For some reason, despite my general dislike of blogger challenges and roundups (no offense to you lovely people who participate in Barefoot Blogging or TWD), probably due to my inherent hermit sensibilities, I read Michelle’s announcement of October’s First Thursday on my RSS feed and my brain went, “Ohmigaw, participate!” and proceeded to flood itself with images of pumpkin, butternut squash, ginger and mangoes. (Not necessarily all in combination, of course.)

Entries are due by noon Sunday, October 5 (this Sunday). Smackdown roundup is to be posted at 1000 Monday, October 6. There is a prize – these recipe cards from ScotiaMade on Etsy, which are blatantly adorable (and there are nowhere near enough of them in a pack). Official rules are here. Read them, participate with me, and be merry.


Anyone heard of Orange’s Balloon Internet Race? And if you have, how in the world do you set up WordPress to display the balloon?

Sadly, as I suspected, you can only do it with the WordPress platform (or maybe on with the CSS upgrade, I wouldn’t know). Le sad! Thanks, Lise, for help me out!

edit: 20 June 08 09:36 EST